Establishment and formation

After a few months of review and exchange of views of mobile business activists in Iran, Namdaran Mobile Communications company was established in 2007. The most important goal of this company was to quickly transfer the latest achievements of the mobile phone industry and accessories to Iran, to provide these products to users and to provide after-sales service.

Following the launch of Namdaran Mobile Communications company, it began its official partnership with the pioneers of the mobile phone industry such as Sony Ericsson, Siemens and Alcatel, by importing, distributing and providing after-sales services for these products.


Over the years, Namdaran Mobile Communications company has paid special attention to new technologies in the field of mobile accessories, which may be considered as one of the pioneers in introducing accessories such as headphones, hands-free bluetooth devices and speakers in Iran. The result of this activity was the cooperation with international companies such as Jabra, Sennheiser, FiiO and Libratone for selling their products and providing after-sales services in Iran. Other notable activities during this period included the registration of the NMC brand and the production and distribution of simple and televised mobile phones under the name of Namdaran, which were very popular at the time.


Namdaran Mobile Communications continues to focus on importing and distributing mobile accessories such as headphones and headsets, Bluetooth hands-free, portable speakers, power banks, and charging cables. Currently, the products of Sennheiser, Jabra, JLab, Awei and NMC brands are offered with 12 to 24 months warranty throughout Iran.


You may contact us using direct phone call or sending emails.

Telephone: +98 21 26401350

Email: sales [at] namdaran.co